The issues described below are rare, and are experienced by a very small percentage of users. If the solutions given do not solve your problem, or if you are experiencing a different problem than the ones described below, please send an email to our support department at

Before you go any further, please make sure that you are on a supported operating system! (Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT)

If you get an error message stating that "Article Re-Writer has stopped working", or that the program "has encountered a problem and needs to shut down", click here.

If you get an error message that mentions "WWDevCOM3" or "invalid pointer" when you start up the program, click here.

If custom synonyms that you add to the program are not being saved, click here.

If your activation code doesn't work, click here.

If the program freezes up or crashes, click here.

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