We welcome all questions and comments about WordFlood, however please review the FAQ below before contacting us, as the answers to 90% of the questions we receive are explained there. If you are having any technical issues getting WordFlood to work properly, please visit the Troubleshooting page.

Please send all inquiries to

Important: We do our best to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours. Please be aware that on rare occasion, a legitimate email may be mistakenly marked as spam/junk mail. So if you don't see our reply in your email's "inbox" within 24 hours, then please check your spam/junk mail folder, or try contacting us again using a different email address.


I've already purchased the program but have lost my activation code. How can I get my activation code again?
If you've lost your activation code, we'll be glad to look it up and send it to you. Please contact us via email and include either your order number (from your ClickBank or Paypal receipt), OR your full name and email that you used when you purchased.

Can the program be used on more than one computer?
Yes, the program may be used on up to two computers, provided that you are the primary user of both computers.

What operating systems are supported?
WordFlood is fully compatible with all modern Windows operating systems (Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT).

Is there a Mac version of the program?
At this time a Mac version is not available.

What file types are supported in WordFlood?
WordFlood will open .txt and .rtf files, however .rtf files will be converted to .txt files within the program.

Why is there an asterisk (*) next to some of the synonyms in WordFlood?
When viewing synonyms for a word that is plural in form, an asterisk at the end of a word means that WordFlood could not properly translate the plural form of that word, so instead it simply displays the singular form.

Is WordFlood available in any language other than English?
The synonym database that WordFlood uses is currently only available in the English language. However, you may be able to import your own custom database into the program, provided it is in the correct format. To learn how to do so, click here.

Are all future upgrades included?
We make no guarantees as to how often or how many future upgrades will be available, but any and all future updgrades will be available at no cost for those who have purchased WordFlood.

Do you have an affiliate program?
We do! Our affiliate program is open to those who have purchased WordFlood, as well as select JV partners. Once you have purchased the program, simply click on Help > Affiliate Program from within WordFlood. You will receive instant access to the Affiliate Resources page, which features pre-written text ads, email promos, banner ads, and a video you can use to promote the program.

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