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Importing A Custom Database Into WordFlood

It's possible to import your own custom synonym database into WordFlood, provided it is in the proper format.

The database must be in CSV format, which means one synonym set per line, separated by commas. For example...

auto, car, vehicle
bicycle, bike, cycle
computer, laptop, PC

etc. etc.

If your database is in a different format, you *might* be able to convert it into CSV format using a program like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Once your database is in CSV format, simply copy the contents of the entire CSV file and paste it into the Custom.txt file in the WordFlood folder. The Custom.txt file is normally used to store custom synonyms that the user adds to the program one at a time, but theoretically speaking it should be able to store a virtually unlimited number of synonyms.

NOTE: The custom database feature has only been tested with languages that use English characters (such as English, Spanish, German, etc). Languages that use non-English characters (such as Chinese or Japanese) may not display properly, due to limitations in the character encoding that WordFlood uses.